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                   Fees are charged according to the course and the grade level enrolled in by the student. Payments may be made on an annual or monthly basis. 
                   For a complete schedule of fees and terms of payment, parents are referred to the Cashier's Office, which is open from 7:30 - 11:30 am, 1:00
                   - 5:00 pm.
            For purposes of assessing late enrollees, the following guidelines are strictly enforced:
                   Nature of fees, Percentage of Assessment
                         1. Tuition Fee - other charges proportionate to inclusive number of months of attendance
                         2. Miscellaneous Fees 100% regardless of enrollment date
           1. In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Education, withdrawal and refunds are subject to the following conditions:
                    a. All fees other than tuition are nonrefundable.
                    b. Tuition refunds will be made based on the total tuition for the term.
                    c. Tuition fee refunds will be based on the given schedule.
                               Before the first week of  class  ------------------  100%                       Within the second week of class --------------- 80%
                               Within the first week of class   ------------------   90%                         Beyond two weeks ------------------------------ 0%
                  2. The above rules are applied whether or not the student has actually attended classes.
                  3. Exceptions: Students may claim refunds even beyond the second week of class if the withdrawal is for valid justifiable reasons, in which case,                                           they are charged up to and including the last month of attendance in school.
                       a. For this purpose, valid and justifiable reasons are:
                           1. Sickness, duly attested by medical certificate, which prevents the student from attending class in any schools for the rest of the academic                                                      year
                            2. Recommendation from the principal
                       b. The following are not considered justifiable reasons:
                            1. Voluntary transfer to another school.
                            2. Lack of adjustment to school and/or teachers.
                            3. Misunderstandings
                            4. Lack of enthusiasm
                       It is deemed that once a student is enrolled, his/her intention is to study for the whole year. Once the student is accepted, he/she contributes to                           the student population limit, and the school losses the opportunity to accept additional bona fide enrollees. Because of the above, the students                              withdrawing after the second week of the classes, unless fro the justifiable reasons as previously stated, will be charged the tuition fees for the                            entire school year. No official clearance will be released unless the tuition fees and/or back accounts are paid.
             D. BACK ACCOUNTS              
                      Students who have not yet paid the corresponding fees before the periodical and /or final examinations will be barred from such examinations.
                        However, for unavoidable reasons, the students with unpaid fees may be allowed to take the exam upon presentation of a promissory note duly                            signed by the parents/guardians.
                 1. No student will enjoy plurality of privileges.
                         2. Scholarships and privileges are nontransferable.
                         3. Privilege and scholarships should be enjoyed during the school year immediately after they have been obtained.
                       The following penalties are imposed for the issuance of bouncing checks:
                         1. Surcharge of Php 50.00 per bouncing check.
                         2. Non - acceptance of checks for future payments.
                         3. If the check was issued as payment for fees for official enrollment, such enrollment will be automatically cancelled.
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