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The Institution’s Objectives, Philosophy of Education, Vision, Mission, and Core Values


       St. John Early Learning Center, Inc. will:

  • develop students into responsible moral leaders who will be of service to others 

  • provide for students needs and differences through experiential and project-based learning opportunities

  • involve parents, students, teachers,  local community organizations and other stakeholders in the education process 

  • enhance teacher-creativity and efficiency by participating in staff development, workshops and conferences



       St. John Early Learning Center, Inc. believes in developing morally upright citizens and leaders who are consciously aware of one’s self-worth and social responsibility while honoring and respecting the dignity of others. 




       Our mission is to prepare our students to become ethical and responsible citizens and leaders of the community by providing high quality education in a safe, positive and inclusive learning environment. 




      Our vision is to empower Johnians to achieve the best versions of themselves, imbued with moral values in becoming responsible,  productive citizens and future leaders  of our community, our nation, and the world by continually evolving in response to the changing needs of students.





       Service is the overarching aspiration of the Johnian core values. We pursue opportunities for our students to embrace a culture of empathy and compassion towards others. We aim for our students to realize their full potential and capacity to provide support and service that will address the needs of the local community. Service is the embodiment of our commitment to responsible citizenship.



      We have a strong commitment to learn, grow and strive for excellence in everything we do. It is an expectation that a true Johnian will put his heart in whatever he does, realizing that his actions could potentially and positively impact his fellow Johnians and the community.



       We teach the value of pride in every Johnian. Johnians are proud of their alma mater. We recognize that all students, families, and stakeholders are valued members of the Johnian community. Johnians wear their uniforms with honor,  take pride in their work and their core values are reflected in their actions.



       Johnians strive to bring-out the best in themselves and be a positive influence for others. Johnians never settle for less and seek to become the best versions of themselves in everything they do. Johnians continually strive for progress in order to achieve the best results. We show grit and a growth mindset when faced with challenges and inspire others to do the same. 

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