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                    Republic Act No. 8545 or the Expanded Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (E-GASTPE) Act provides

           the legal basis for state-funded programs or financial assistance to stakeholders in private education.

                    Educational Service Contracting (ESC) is a partnership program by the Department of Education (DepEd) aimed in decongesting overcrowded 

           public Junior High Schools. In ESC, the excess capacities of certified private junior high schools are “contracted” through the slot allocations for

           students who otherwise have gone to public schools. The slots come with the subsidies called ESC Grants, and program beneficiaries are

           called ESC grantees, or for those purposes of these guidelines, simply grantees.

           (Stipulated at DO_s2017_020)




                     ESC Applicants shall submit the following requirements:

  • PSA/NSO Birth Certificate

  • Income Tax Return/Certificate of Indigency



  • Must take the diagnostic examination provided by the school

          Note: Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Diagnostic Examination for aspiring ESC recipients will NO LONGER BE ADMINISTERED.

  • Shall give precedence to graduates with indigent family status

  • Shall give precedence to graduates of public elementary school


     The School Committee shall profile and assess the students considered for ESC grants and select grantees based on need, given the

            limited slots allocated to the school. 




                    Only learners who completed JHS in public schools operated by DepEd, and in public or private educational institutions not directly operated

                    by DepEd, but granted by DepEd with a permit or government recognition to operate SHS are eligible for SHS VP. For brevity, these learners

                    shall be referred to as Grade 10 completers. Grade 10 completers are subdivided into (1) automatically qualified learners, and (2) voucher



  1. Automatically Qualified Learners


                       Only Grade 10 completers in SY 2019-2020 who fall under the categories below automatically qualify for vouchers and are considered

                       qualified voucher recipients (QVRs). They do not need to apply for vouchers.


  • Category A: All Grade 10 completers in Public Schools operated by DepEd

  • Category B: All Grade 10 completers in SUCs and LUCs

  • Category C: All Grade 10 completers in private schools who are ESC grantees


      2. Voucher Applicants


                       Only learners in the categories below need to apply for vouchers, and shall be referred to as voucher applicants (VAs).

  • Category D: All Grade 10 completers in private schools in SY 2019-2020 who are not ESC grantees

  • Category E: Learners who passed the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Test for Grade 10 by the start of the school year

  • Category F: Learners who passed the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) for Grade 11 by the start of the school year.


NOTE: The following learners are not eligible for SHS VP:

  • Grade 10 completers who completed Grade 10 before SY 2019-2020

  • Learners who graduated High School in March 2015 or earlier

  • Incoming Grade 12 learners who were not part of SHS VP in Grade 11

  • Non-Filipino learners

The table below may be used for easy reference:
                                                                                                         Table 1. Eligibility Guide

*       For VAs who fall under Categories E and F, they may apply for the voucher while waiting for results of the ALS A&E Test and PEPT, respectively


            2. Voucher Validity and Redemption


              QVRs/QVAs redeem their voucher by enrolling for Grade 11 at a non-DepEd SHS. As with any learner, they must satisfy the requirements for

              admission set by the non-DepEd SHS. A QVR/QVA who successfully enrolls at a non‐DepEd SHS becomes a voucher program beneficiary (VPB).                          Upon enrollment, QVRs/QVAs must present to their chosen non-DepEd SHS the following documentary evidence as proof of their eligibility.

                                                                          Table 2. Documentary Evidence of Eligibility

                Voucher redemption begins on the day of posting of application results on OVAP and ends on September 30 of the school year immediately after                          Grade 10 completion. Vouchers not redeemed within the prescribed period shall no longer be valid. QVRS/QVAs who shall be unable to redeem

                their vouchers within the said period due to prolonged illness, accident, force majeure, or prolonged illness or death of a parent/guardian must

                submit a letter addressed to the PEAC Executive Director providing justification for not redeeming the voucher. Relevant documents to support

                their claims e.g. for prolonged illness, a medical certificate issued by a licensed medical doctor, must be submitted along with the letter. The letter

                and supporting documents shall be evaluated by PEAC and become the basis for extension of voucher validity, subject to approval of DepEd.


                 The voucher covers only two school years – Grades 11 and 12, regardless of the number of school years it takes for the recipient to complete SHS.


            3. Applicable Voucher Values


                  The applicable voucher amount is determined by the category of the QVR/QVA, and the location, type, and fees of the non-DepEd SHS where the

                  QVR will enroll. The maximum voucher amounts are shown in the table below: 


                                                            Table 3. Maximum applicable voucher amount (in PHP per student per school year)

                Voucher amounts represent the maximum payment a non‐DepEd SHS shall be paid per VPB per school year. Schools receive voucher payments

                based on the total school fees they charge or the maximum voucher amount applicable, whichever is lower.


             4. Conditions for Voucher Beneficiaries


   Voucher Support is discontinued, if the student:

  • drops out in the middle of the School Year

  • does not re-enroll in the following school year

  • is retained at the same grade level

  • transfers to another SHS within the school year

  • transfers to a DepEd SHS

  Voucher Support may be continued, if the student:

  • shifts tracks/strands at the end of the 1st semester in the same school or the end of the school year in the same or in different school

  • transfers to another non DepEd SHS at the end  of the school year. (The voucher amount can only be equal  to or lower  than the subsidy  he receives from the originating school.)

  • leaves school not for more than 1 year due to medical reasons. 

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